Can gerbils live in hamster cages safely

Can gerbils live in hamster cages safely

A question I get a lot is “can gerbils live in hamster cages?”. Well there are a few things that you need to know before you answer this question “can gerbils live in a hamster cage?” You see not all hamster cages were made equally and as such you cannot simply put a gerbiling in a hamster cage and call it a hamster. The fact of the matter is that gerbils have their own set of special needs that only a well made hamster cage can fulfill.

Can gerbils live in hamster cages safely

Gerbils like to burrow

First of all let’s talk about moving around and burrowing. Gerbils like to burrow and move around which is why they actually enjoy living in tunnels that are dug by themselves. These tunnels will have different depths depending on the type of gerbils you have. If you have dwarf gerbils they may only be able to go down a few inches or so but larger gerbils can go much deeper. This means that you really need to consider exactly what your gerbils needs in moving around and burrowing.

Hamster Food vs Gerbils

Next let’s talk about eating. Gerbils are actually rodents which mean that they can eat food that is found in a hamster cage with the proper tools. However not all hamster cage foods are suitable for gerbils and the ones that are most often eaten are ones that are canned. These types of foods can be very unhealthy for gerbils and can even cause them to become overweight.

What Should a Gerbil Eat?

What you should be feeding your gerbils is fresh vegetables and fruits. These are items that they will chew and gnaw on. Because they are rodents, it is always best to read the labels when buying food from pet shops. This way you can avoid giving your pet rats and mice the same items that can be dangerous to them.

Can gerbils live in hamster cages safely

One interesting fact about gerbils that many people aren’t aware of is that they have giant back legs. These giant back legs can help the gerbils walk across the floor properly. So, if you’re going to house your gerbils in a cage with a hamster they are better off having a hamster cage with a solid plastic base and solid plastic floors. They can’t run on the concrete floors because their back legs won’t allow them to do so. On the other hand, if you let your gerbils in a cage with a hamster they can run on the plastic floor of the hamster cage and this can be very dangerous for your gerbils. This is why you should always buy a cage with a base made of a solid material.

Can gerbils live in hamster cages safely

What temperature can Gerbils live in?

Another interesting fact about gerbils is that they can survive in extremely low temperatures. Because the gerbils lack a protective covering of fur they can be very sensitive to extreme temperatures. You should always make sure that you have a heating system in your new pet cages. Otherwise you may have to deal with your gerbil’s living inside their tiny fish tank. The fish tanks are usually too small for the gerbils to swim in, but it is an option if you want to get your gerbils living in their own habitat.

Size Of Gerbils Cage

It is also important to provide your gerbils with enough space to run around. A hamster cage with a larger interior gives your gerbil’s more room to move around. The larger the hamster cage the more room your gerbils will need, so make sure to get a cage that is appropriate for your hamster. Some gerbils are known to need as much as two square feet of space to run around in every 24 hours.

Can gerbils live in hamster cages safely

As you can see, it is pretty tough to tell exactly how can gerbils live in hamster cages. They do need a fairly large space to move around and play, but they do not require a massive area to live in. Their tank should not be larger than three feet by three feet and the inside should be about four inches by six inches. Some cages even come with brightly-coloured plastic tubes that the gerbils can crawl through in order to escape.

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