Good Ideas And Lists Of Hamster Names

Good Ideas And Lists Of Hamster Names

Good Ideas And Lists Of Hamster Names. Good hamster names are always the ones that are meaningful, fun, and descriptive. Part of the excitement of getting yourself a little hamster is naming it something special!

Good Ideas And Lists Of Hamster Names

This series will inspire you to create a special name for your hamster, no matter if it is a female, male, boy, or girl.

Good Boy Hamster Names

Here are some simple ideas on how to create great boy hamster names.

Start Creatively

Start thinking of good hamster names by thinking about what you like, what you think of when you see your hamster, and combine it. Don’t just choose a name randomly. It takes out all the fun.

Here are some of the names I’ve used for my pets: Icy, Foxy, Cooper, Brownie, Spider-ham, Cookie. All of these names came from either what they look like or what I liked.

Naming Ideas

Here are just some categories to get your ideas running:

Food: Wasabi, Beans, Nacho, Taco, Peanut, Dumpling, Ham, Cracker, Hershey

Color: Silver, Blues, Chestnut, Hazel, Jade, Wintergreen, Emerald

Metals: Steel, Cobalt, Dust, Oynx, Bronze

Weather: Thunder, Lightning, Rain, Wind, Gust, Storm, Cyclone, Comet, Blizzard, Smoke, Frosty, Twilight

Cosmos: Milkyway, Venus, Apollo, Star, Nova, Aurora

Foreign: Akira, Gunther, Otto, Nino, Leo, Bryce

Super Heroes: Wolverine, Super Mario, Iron Man, Hulk, Batman, Spideman, Joker

Cars: Turbo, Speed Freak, Racer

Single Syllable Human Names: Bob, Paul, Ron, Max, John

Honorifics: Captain, Mr., Sir, General

Extra Masculine: Soldier, Guy, Fighter, Razor, Rex

Good Ideas And Lists Of Hamster Names

What Are Your Ideas For Names?

Show off the ideas for names below:

Good Female Pet Hamster Names

Need a name? Get creative with naming your female pet hamster…

Start Creatively

I always name my pets after something special that reflects their characteristics (i.e. a white coated American Eskimo named Icy). I’d never let my pets have a boring name! Make your pet name more special using your creativity.

My hammy is named Spider-ham because he used to love climbing all the way to the top of his 3 feet tall cage. (…And then he’d have no idea how to get back down. ;D) He’d look like Spider-man when climbing up the side of the cage that we named him Spider-ham.

Naming Ideas

A strong female hamster’s name demands something feminine, elegant, beautiful, yet bold. Here are some ideas:

Food: Pumpkin, Cupcake, Coco, Oreos, Cookie, Ginger, Mochi, Muffin, Brownie, Kiwi

Color: Amber, Goldie, Silver, Blues, Chestnut, Hazel, Jade, Pearl

Weather: Snowflakes, Icy, Sunny, Autumn, Mist, Moonlight, Rainbow, Rainy, Sunshine, Frosty

Foreign: Ling Ling, Sakura, Alika, Maya, Petite, Aurelia, Momo

Super Heroes: Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Storm, Raven, Shadow

Coat Patterns: Spotty, Spots, Wavy, Curls, Gray

Celebrities: Madonna, Demi, Whitney, Mariah, Britney

Honorifics: Mrs., Miss, Lady

Extra Feminine: Sweetie, Honey, Baby, Cutie, Girlie, Blossom

Good Ideas And Lists Of Hamster Names

What Have You Named Your Female Hamster?

Now that I’ve got your creative juices flowing, have you got some ideas for female pet hamster names? Post below your unique ideas for names and see others’:

Official Hamster Names

This page is a list of actual hamster names. If you’re looking for good name ideas for your hamster

I absolutely love that hamsters have a wide variety of names. Some are funny and descriptive, while others are beautiful and meaningful. Each name highlights something special about a hamster and the story behind the name.

Here’s a chart with the names. Scroll further down for a description of these names.

Genera, SpeciesDiscovererLocationAppearanceOther Descriptive
Mesocricetus Auratus Syrian HamsterGolden Hamster, Standard Golden, Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Hamster, Fancy Bear, Honey Bear, Black Bear, Dalmatian, Panda Bear, Polar Bear, Chequered Hamster, Long Haired HamsterBig Hamster, Standard Hamster
Mesocricetus brandtiBrandt’s HamsterTurkish Hamster 
Mesocricetus NewtoniNewton’s HamsterRomanian Hamster, Rumanian Hamster  
Mesocricetus Raddei Georgian Hamster, Ciscaucasian Hamster  
Phodopus CampbelliCampbell’sDjungarian, Siberian Hamster, Russian Hamster, Russian Dwarf Hamster Striped Hairy Footed, Furry Footed, Dwarf Hamster
Phodopus sungorus Djungarian, Siberian Hamster, Russian Hamster, Russian Dwarf HamsterWinter White, Russian Winter White, Sapphire HamsterDwarf Hamster
Phodopus Roborovskii (pronounced ro-bo-rov-skee or rob-o-rov-skee)Roborovskii (Robo, Rob)  Dwarf Hamster, Desert Hamster
Cricetus Cricetus European Hamster, European Field HamsterBlackbellied HamsterCommon Hamster, Giant Hamster
Cricetulus Alticola Tibetan Hamster, Tibetian Ratlike Hamster, Ladak Hamster  
Cricetulus Barabensis Chinese Striped HamsterStriped backed Hamster, Striped Hamster, Gray HamsterRat-tailed Hamster, Dwarf Hamster
Cricetulus Griseus Chinese Hamster Dwarf Hamster
Cricetulus KamensisKam’s Ratlike Hamster   
Cricetulus Longicaudatus   Lesser Longtailed Hamster, Desert Hamster
Cricetulus migratorius  Grey Hamster, Grey Rat-like HamsterMigratory Grey Hamster, Grey Dwarf Hamster
Cricetulus sokoloviSokolov’s Ratlike Hamster   
Allocricetulus curtatus Mongolian  
Allocricetulus eversmanniEversmann’s HamsterKazakh Hamster  
Cansumys canus Gansu  
Tscherskia triton Korean Hamster Greater Longtailed Hamster

What Does “Hamster” Mean?

Because hamster contains the word “ham”, I’ve been asked this question a lot: “Are hamsters related to pigs?” Haha! Innocent question!

The answer is negative! Although both animals are cute and cuddly, the word hamster actually comes from the German word, hamastra, which means “to hoard”. In many cases, a hamster’s physicality shapes its name.

(Hammy is a more affectionate but widely used informal term.)

Scientific Names

Every species is given a unique scientific name. This name allows people to talk about the same species without confusing it with another which is a common issue with non-scientific hamster names.

It also tells you what features a particular species has that lead it to be grouped with similar species.

For example, all hamster species share the same family and subfamily but different genera. Here are some samples of hamster genera:

  • Cricetulus – squeaking feature
  • Allocricetulus – other than squeaking
  • Cricetus – normal size
  • Mesocricetus – medium sized
  • Phodopus – short feet with plump soles

When in doubt, the hamster’s scientific names are your best choice to use. The downside is it is harder to remember than other names and too formal for casual conversation.

Good Ideas And Lists Of Hamster Names

Named After Discoverer

In some cases, hamsters are named after the people who first discovered the species. Some examples of this are:

  • Lieutenant Roborovskii – Phodopus Roborovskii (scientific name), Roborovskii’s Dwarf Hamster or Robo (common name)
  • Discoverer W. C. Campbell – Phodopus Campbelli (scientific name), Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster (common name)
  • Biologist Vladimir E. Sokolov – Cricetulus Sokolovi (scientific name), Sokolov’s Dwarf Hamster (common name)

These names tend to be distinct and easy to remember. Unfortunately not all hamsters have a “discoverer” name.

Named By Location

Most hamsters have a locational name and are usually the main name hamster fanciers will use. It is easy to remember but can sometimes be misleading and confusing.

For example the Phodopus Campbelli and Phodopus Sungorus were originally thought of as the same species until research proved that wrong. The scientific community corrected this interpretation by assigning unique scientific names.

But the hamster community and writings on these two species all referred to them as the Russian hamster or Siberian hamster. Even today, on websites and books, these hamster names are not as reliable.

What we can do is try to refer to their other names more often. Campbelli could be called “Campbell” (discoverer name) and “Winter White” (coat-based name) for Sungorus!

Named By Coat Traits

Coat-based names are more recent designations. With the craze of home breeding for exotic coat colors, a variety of hamster names were created to describe particular colorations.

Unfortunately, these names are usually created for Syrian hamsters only so far.

Good Ideas And Lists Of Hamster Names

Popular Hamster Names

Looking for popular names that everybody loves? See what these film makers, toy makers, celebrities names their hamsters!

Celebrity Hamster Names

Few celebrities advertise their hamsters as opposed to cats and dogs. Hamsters are considered a bit more exotic. Recently there are a few celebrity pet hamsters that were revealed.

  • Justin Bieber has Pac
  • Paris Hilton has Princess Annabelle
  • Simon Cowell has had 18 hamsters before (name unrevealed though)

Hamster Character Names

Story creators have to put a lot of thought into creating live movies and animation. The name of a character is carefully matched with the hamster’s personality. Here are some examples of hamster character names:

  • Rhino the Hamster from Bolt (2008)
  • Hamtaro from the animated series Hamtaro (2000)
  • Etienne from Etienne (2009)
  • Hammy from live action series Hammy the Hamster

Hamster Toy/Doll Names

There are strong lines of hamster toys, yeah, the Zhu Zhus. There are plenty of different Zhu Zhu pets. Some of them have really cute names, too. These may be a good name choice for your pet.

Mr. Squiggles, Pipsqueak, Num Nums, Chunk, Patches, Scoodles, Jilly, Nugget, Winkie, Cappuccino, Peachy, Jinx, Yo-Yo, Moo, Tex, Rocky, Spottie, Pinkie, Dezel, Bamboo, Hank, Sweetie, Stinker, Zu Zu, Rocco, Captain Zhu, Fluffy, Carly, Kacee, Roxie, Ryder, Pax, Kingston

Here are some other Zhu Zhu pet names. They’re so cute!

Chewy, Justice, Shamrock, Bitsy, Red Squirrel, Nilla, Nutters, Butters, Boo, Snowball, Beaver, Lucky Charm, Rock’O, Stonewall, Seargent Serge, Duke, Azer, Yama, Drayko, Thorn, Baby Cakes, Pumkin, Muffin, Snickle Fritz, Butter Cheeks, Peanut, Baxter, Rori, Merritt, Pookie, Chandler


Did you get any ideas on a name for your new hamster? Or are there too many popular hamster names too choose from? 🙂 Post your hamster name ideas below! Have fun

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