How to make a sick hamster feel better

How to make a sick hamster feel better

How to make a sick hamster feel better. Some hamsters do get sick, and they even die, but it does not mean that they cannot recover.

How to make a sick hamster feel better

1. Get Medical Help

A hamster can be a sweet, lovable pet that will always be there to give you company and love. You may even decide to raise your own hamster as a pet. However, it is important to learn how to comfort a sick hamster, just as you would if you were caring for a human child. Your hamster is a living being that needs to be cared for just like a human would. Just like a human child, a hamster will get sick and need medical attention.

2. Give your hamster water

Some hamsters do get sick, and they even die, but it does not mean that they cannot recover. In fact, if the hamster is cared for properly, he or she can sometimes live for many more weeks, months or even years after getting sick. Just like children, hamsters get sick for various reasons.

Although these reasons are different from person to person, some of the most common reasons that hamsters get sick include eating or drinking water in strange places, being crushed by another hamster, being stuck in a tight space, or having their food or water accidentally taken out of their cage.

How to make a sick hamster feel better

3. Take Your hamster to the vet

If you think that your hamster might be sick, you should not hesitate to take him or her to see the vet right away. The longer that a sick hamster is left alone, the more complications can develop. When you take your hamster to the vet, you will need to have him undergo several tests, including blood work, to see whether or not the hamster has been infected with a virus or disease.

Once the results come back, the vet may be able to tell you how to handle the situation. However, it is also important to remember that even if the hamster did not get ill, if the hamster’s cage is not cleaned properly, the hamster could contract a disease.

4. Remove everything from the cage

Once the vet confirms that the hamster has indeed been infected, he or she will then ask you to remove all items from the hamster’s cage. The hamster will need to be taken to the veterinarian’s office in order to receive medical treatment. Once you have taken the hamster to the office, the staff will be able to properly restrain and isolate the hamster.

How to make a sick hamster feel better

5. Check on your hamster every hour

You will then be given the okay to enter the hamster’s cage and check on him or her every few hours until the illness has gone away. Although there are many things that you can do in order to alleviate your hamster’s suffering, it is best to leave the task up to the professionals.

6. Give your hamster food

If you want to know how to comfort a sick hamster, the first thing that you should do is to give the poor creature some food and water. It is imperative that the hamster get sufficient amounts of food and water because this will keep him or her from dehydrating.

How to make a sick hamster feel better

7. Give your Hamster food that will boost their immune system

Many owners mistakenly feed their hamsters with cheese, popcorn, carrots, or pieces of food crumbs. While these treats may help the hamster feel better, they are not the proper food for the animal. Hamsters thrive on fresh food and water.

When you are caring for a sick hamster, make sure that he or she receives the proper nourishment so that he or she can continue to enjoy life.

8. Put your Hamster in a Shade Place

Another important thing to know when learning how to comfort a sick hamster is to place your hamster’s cage in a shady area of the house. The lights in the room will frighten the hamster, causing it to seek shelter inside of its cage. If the lights are left on in the hamster’s cage, the poor animal will be at risk for sunburn.

9. Check Hamster Toys

Toys are an important part of caring for a hamster and in particular, how to take care of a hamster that is ill. Toys are a great way to give the hamster something exciting to play with and they also keep the hamster’s teeth clean.

Many times a hamster’s teeth become matted when they are not brushed regularly. In addition, it is important to brush the teeth of a sick hamster on a regular basis to keep them healthy. A hamster with a fun toothbrush and some toys will be much more active than one who has no toys at all.

Many people wonder How to make a sick hamster feel better because most animals are not very comfortable when they are sick. However, most animals will do anything they can in order to be comfortable.

In the case of a hamster, this means eating and drinking constantly. This can cause the hamster to become malnourished if it is not maintained. Also, it is important to feed the hamster only live foods and fresh water. The owner of the hamster should never feed dry foods to the pet hamster because this can lead to worms.

How to make a sick hamster feel better

Mourning Your Dead Hamster

When answering the question, “How Long Do Hamsters Live?” we discussed a bit on life expectancy. Not only does a hamster’s short life teach one to appreciate what you have but also life and death. The last steps are important for providing some closure.

*Disclaimer: I am not medically trained nor does this site present itself so. I offer facts, knowledge of options, and my experiences to help you recognize danger. When your hamster displays symptomatic behaviors, always seek a licensed vet’s opinion. Save up a little stash for those times.


If your hamster is suffering before it passes, you can consider having it euthanized. In some locations, this may only cost $20 but depends on what’s avaliable to you. I would call and ask for the price if that’s the reason stopping you or a parent from bringing it to a vet.

Proper Burial

A hamster is like a family member. You had to feed and take care of it. So it’s only natural to give it a little burial, for closure. I’ve heard of endless cases where a child recalls seeing their parents throw away their dead hamster. The child never got closure from those experiences.

When my hamster dies, I’d take it to the backyard, dig up some soil and let it rest. I’d thank it for being my pet. That’s all. What are your plans after you hamster dies?

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