What Exercise Equipment is Best for the Hamster

What Exercise Equipment is Best for the Hamster

What Exercise Equipment is Best for the Hamster? Hamster toys are a vital part of your hamsters life and good health. Hamsters need toys to expel their high levels of energy. Toys can also act as a hide out for when you hamster wants some quite time. Chew toys are necessary to help keep the hamsters teeth thin and in good working order.

What Exercise Equipment is Best for the Hamster

The most important thing you as the owner and buyer of these hamster toys you need to remember that hamsters are color blind. So if a pushy salesperson tries to sell you a hot pink or metallic shinny blue toy for an extra $5 to help stimulate the hamster senses forget it. All the hamster sees is black and white! Colored toys are really for the owners enjoyment while watching their hamsters play.

What Exercise Equipment is Best for the Hamster

Hamster wheel

A hamster wheel is the most important toy your hamster can have. They need exercise, in the wild they travel seven to eight miles a night forging for food. That just shows you how much energy this cute little hammy has! Your hamster will run the same distance on its exercise wheel each night. So in order for it to stay healthy, it is important to provide toys for them to tunnel through and run around on.

What Exercise Equipment is Best for the Hamster

Chew toys

Chew toys are also very important although if the hamsters are being feed the proper diet then they are not necessary but are a nice treat for the hamster. They come in all shapes and sizes and flavors. They are made of seeds, fruit and vegetables pieces. If you find that your hamster does not care for a chew toy you can offer them a dog biscuit. They seem to love the taste of them; they are healthy and serve the same purpose as a chew toy.

Toys to hide

Toys to hide in are also needed in the cage. Hamsters like all animals enjoy a little solitude from time to time. They make little caves and tunnels for this purpose. Just make sure they are large enough for your hamster to comfortably fit in especially if there is a chance the hamster may become pregnant. The last thing you want is your pregnant hamster stuck in a toy cave you cannot get her out of!

What Exercise Equipment is Best for the Hamster

Climbing toys

Climbing toys are also another toy option, most hamster cages come with a ladder type toy but not always. Hamsters like to climb so having a few of these toys is a good idea.

Hamster mazes

Hamster mazes are also a fun toy for your hamster. This type of toy will need to be set on a table or the floor and supervision is suggested as well as a one hamster at a time rule. Always make sure you put a little treat at the end of the maze as a reward. This is an excellent source of entertainment and exercise for your hamsters.

Home Made Toys

You can also make different types of hamster toys just remember as your making them the hamster will likely chew on anything so using cardboard may not be a good idea. Even plastic type toys you can make will need to be replaced after a short period of time if the plastic is thin. While store bought hamster toys can cost a pretty penny they are in fact designed and tested before sold. So you’re pretty much guaranteed they are safe for your hamsters.

What Exercise Equipment is Best for the Hamster

A hamster ball

A hamster ball is the other alternative to the hamster wheel. And while the hamster wheel specializes in complete independence for your hamster, an exercise ball is quite the opposite. A ball will require you to put your hammy in it every night and let them run around. This is not a bad thing though! This allows you to form a connection with your teddy bear hamster and further associates you in your hammy’s mind with a positive experience. Moreover you can incorporate personally playing with your hamster while they are in their ball. The hamster ball has great up sides!


Our hamsters also love climbing over things so we’ve built some more advanced hamster toys with some spare bits of wood and glue. There was a small ramp, a bridge and a little house for them to play in. Be careful to sand all the edges so your home made wooden hamster toys don’t have any sharp edges that could come harm to your pet.


Hamsters may be small in size, but they are big on smarts. If you want to see for yourself just how smart your pets are, why not construct them a maze and teach them to run it? Mazes will keep your hamsters on their toes, give them something fun to do, and challenge their intelligence. Making mazes will also challenge your intelligence and get the whole family in on the action.

Be creative there tons of things that can be used to build your own hamster toys. You’ll have fun, save some money and you hamster will have fun, have plenty of exercise which will keep him or her healthy and fit.

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